The Best New Halloween Animatronics and How to Scare People With Them

Animatronic Halloween decorations are a lot more affordable than most people think. They are a great way to bring your yard, garage or house to life on Halloween night and create some spectacularly scary scenes that will scare your friends and family and any Trick or Treaters that are brave enough to approach your house. Animatronics will take your Halloween décor to the next level and make it possible for you to stage terrifying scenes for a Halloween party or just to delight the Trick or Treaters who come to your house on Halloween night. Animatronics are fun decorations to use because with remote control devices you can use them to really scare people who won’t be expecting these decorations to move, respond to light, and interact with them. Highly interactive animatronics might cost more than other Halloween decorations but they are worth the investment. They will last for years so you won’t have to worry about replacing them every year as long as you store them correctly.

Some of the best new animatronic Halloween decorations include:

Scary Clowns

Were you terrified by Twisty the Clown on American Horror Story? Now you can create your own freakshow in your yard including a terrifying killer clown that looks like he could be Twisty’s cousin. The clown’s lighted eyes and evil laugh will terrify anyone who sees it. He would be a great figure to put at the entrance to a haunted house, or in the entry way of a freakshow tent. To create your own Halloween freakshow you can put up a tent in your yard and assemble a mixture of performers and animatronics inside. The evil clown figure would be fantastic placed at the entrance of the tent or at the exit of the tent telling people not to reveal what is inside the tent. You can use special effects makeup and costumes to have your friends and family members dress up as the freaks from American Horror Story: Freakshow or they can copy the looks of famous sideshow freaks throughout history.

Zombies and The Walking Dead Walkers

Zombie babies and animatronic figures based on the characters from The Walking Dead are very pouplar Halloween decorations. There are lots of zombie baby animatronics, and a zombie girl swinging on a swing that you can mount in a tree. But the best zombie animatronics are the ones that are based on some of the gruesome walkers that have been featured in the show. Remember the little girl in the robe clutching the teddy bear that Rick sees as he is heading for Atlanta? You can place an animatronic version of that little walker girl in your yard to set off your Walking Dead themed Halloween decorations. Put the bicycle girl walker animatronic crawling along the path that the Trick or Treaters will walk or place several walkers in a group to create a herd that the people coming near the house will have to fight through in order to get to the safety of the house.

You can also create a safe zone outside your house using plywood painted to look like metal for the high walls that keep out the walkers. You can place several animatronic zombies and zombie babies outside the fall to make it look like your safe-zone is getting overrurn. Make the Trick or Treaters run up a lane with fencing on the sides and animatronic walkers outside the fences to give them the experience of running up to the prison where the survivors stayed in The Walking Dead.

Witches and Ghouls

Witches, ghouls and goblins are classic Halloween decorations. But using animatronic witches and ghouls will make your Halloween decorations seems more modern and much scarier. You can arrange several different types of animatronic witches in a circle around a cauldron to create your own coven. Or you can place animatronic ghouls all along the Trick or Treat path to scare the kids and families walking all along it. A larger than life Angel of Death animatronic is a glorious centerpiece to any yard display or haunted house and will definitely get the attention of everyone that comes near it.