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Costumes For All Occasions RV185 Dvd Projected Reality Vol 1

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Jon Hyers in-depth course on video projection methods for Halloween decorators home haunters haunted attractions (and theme park stage play or museum exhibits). Virtual 3D techniques which is projected video that appears to be 3D without the use of any glasses is one of the primary parts of this 2 hour DVD. It also covers flat wall projection ceiling projection outdoor hayride/woods effects sets lighting and fine tuning of the projected image. This video is a how-to only and references a number of virtual effects DVDs sold separately. The methods shown here are CORE methods for working with video projectors and is considered a fundamental knowlegde base for doing effective video projection illusions. Included in this DVD is a chapter about Jon Hyers visual effects on-location installation of 12 video effects at a horror museum in St. Petersburg Russia.

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