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California Costume Collections CC00236-XL Boys Howling At The Moon Costume – X-Large

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The Werewolf is one of the most terrifying horror creatures. The Boys Howling at the Moon costume will turn you into a wolf boy when you wear the featured character mask and shirt with attached fur. The plaid shirt is in tatters and the chest and arms are covering in faux fur. The mask has the Werewolf face and covers part of your chest and back. Anyone can be a Werewolf but you wont know it until the full moon is out or until Halloween comes around. No one would ever suspect a nice boy like you could have this deep dark secret – you are a Werewolf! When the moon comes up you transform from a boy into a hairy creature with bloodthirsty fangs and a gnarly growl. Its so scary that its a good thing that Halloween only comes once a year.
Includes: Mask and shirt with faux fur.
Material: 100% Polyester.
Size: X-Large (Fits most sizes 12-14).

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