6 Ft Twitching Banshee Animatronics – Decorations


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rntFrom the grave to your house; grab the 6′ Twitching Banshee for a truly terrifying addition to your Halloween landscape. Plug in this crazed banshee and watch her scream at the top of her lungs as she moves her jaw and wildly twists at the waist. Her eyes alight with a fearful glow that will horrify even the bravest house guest. Standing at 6 feet she towers menacingly over any guest and truly sends her messages back to the undead!rnrntrnttIncludes:rnttrntttrnttttBanshee animatronicrntttrnttttAdapterrntttrnttttInstruction manualrnttrntrntrnttAnimatedrntrnttInfrared Sensor activatedrntrnttStep pad compatiblerntrnttAdapter compatiblerntrnttAdapter Type: 100 to 240V/5.9V 1ArntrnttDimensions: 72″H x 27″L x 23″WrntrnttWeight: 10.78 poundsrntrnttMaterials: Electronic parts; polyester; plasticrntrnttCare: Spot cleanrntrnttImported

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