5 Ft Stitch Witch Sisters Animatronics – Decorations


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rntrnttWe’ve found the solution for all those troublesome neighborhood kids: The 5′ Stitch Witch Sisters! These toiling trouble witches certainly stir the pot; a green-glowing pot that is; likely filled with poisonous brews. With the tallest wicked witch standing at 5 feet tall; even the peskiest house guest will cower in fear. With manic; glowing eyes and a variety of cackle worthy sayings; these witches will become your Halloween staple for years to come. Features easy assembly with quick-connect poles.rntrnttrntttIncludes:rntttrnttttrntttttWitch Sisters AnimatronicrnttttrntttttAdapterrnttttrntttttInstruction manualrntttrnttrnttrntttAnimatedrnttrntttStep pad compatiblernttrntttAdapter Type: A/C (included)rnttrntttCord Length: 4 feetrnttrntttDimensions: 60″H X 48″L X 12″WrnttrntttWeight: 15 poundsrnttrntttMaterials: Metal; vinyl

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