5.5 Ft Flying Witch Animatronics – Decorations


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rntrnttEvery Halloween scene needs a scary and animated witch; and we’ve brewed up the perfect one for you with the Animated Flying Witch! This sassy frequent flyer has four witchy sayings that ensure everyone will keep out of her path. Her harried look will be enough to terrify any unsuspecting house guest! Realistic broom bristles; traditional witches hat and tattered dress make her a force to be reckoned with for many moons to come.rntrnttrntttIncludes:rntttrnttttrntttttWitch AnimatronicrnttttrntttttInstuction manualrntttrnttrnttrntttAnimatedrnttrntttSound activatedrnttrntttStep pad compatiblernttrntttAdapter compatiblernttrntttBattery Type: 3 AA (not included)rnttrntttAdapter Type: 1.5V (not included)rnttrntttDimensions: 65″H X 51″L X 17″WrnttrntttWeight: 4.6 poundsrnttrntttMaterial: Iron; polyesterrnttrntttImpo

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