3 Ft Swinging Lil Skelly Bones Animatronics – Decorations


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rntrnttEveryone will be afraid to swing by your house with the Swinging Skeleton Boy standing guard. With his menacing chant; he’ll spook even the scariest monster’s attempts to get to your candy. Watch as his eyes glow ominously as his head follows each of his potential victims; all while swinging creepily back and forth.rntrnttrntttExclusively at SpiritrnttrntttIncludes:rntttrnttttrntttttSkeleton animatronicrnttttrntttttAdapterrnttttrntttttInstruction manualrntttrnttrnttrntttSayings:rntttrnttttrnttttt(Humming; then singing) Pray for the dead; and the dead will pray for you. They will pray for you; then they will prey on you! (sinister laughing)rnttttrnttttt(Humming “Pray for the dead”) You shouldn’t be afraid of things that go bump in the night. Hasn’t your mother ever told you that it’s ok to play with dead things? (sinister laughing)

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