3.75 Ft Janglin’ Bones Trio Animatronics – Decorations


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rntNot even death can stop this ghostly group from playing. This band of brothers was once one of the most beloved jazz bands on the planet; until they were found dead on stage; murdered by a jealous rival! Now their glowing eyes and haunting songs call out to the living; beckoning them to come closer and listen as they sway and play. But be warned; some say their music will drive you mad.rnrntrnttExclusively at Spirit HalloweenrntrnttIncludes:rnttrntttrnttttInstruction manualrntttrnttttAdapterrntttrnttttJanglin’ Bones AnimatronicrnttrntrntrnttAnimatedrntrnttMotion ActivatedrntrnttStep pad compatiblerntrnttAdapter Type: 5.9V1.5A (included)rntrnttDimensions: 45.25”H x 64″W x 37.8”DrntrnttWeight: 18.70 poundsrntrnttMaterial: PlasticrntrnttCare: Spot cleanrntrnttImportedrntrnttNote: Reco

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