28.5 Inch Smoldering Zombie Groundbreaker Animatronics – Decorations


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rntSpook up your haunted house with this Smoldering Zombie Groundbreaker! This zombie appears to be sticking out of the ground or severed from the bottom half of his body; he’s wearing burnt clothes and his skin glows orange to make it seem as though he’s been burning quite a long time. With his zombie-like groans and his motion-activated movements; this Smoldering Zombie is sure to terrify all of your guests!rnrntrnttExclusively at Spirit HalloweenrntrnttIncludes:rnttrntttrnttttSmoldering Zombie AnimatronicrntttrnttttAdapterrntttrnttttInstruction manualrnttrntrntrnttProduct Sayings: Zombie-like groansrntrnttAnimated: Zombie gyrates in a circular motion; and head (on spring) bobs around. LED’s under head and inside torso to give the prop a burning orange look.rntrnttMotion activatedrntrnttStep pad compatiblerntrnttAdapter Type: 6V/2A (included)rntrnttDimensions:

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