2 Ft Grave Grabber Doll Animatronics – Decorations


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rntInvite your victims in to play with your new 2 ft Grave Grabber Doll! They can run but they can’t hide from the newest addition to your Halloween landscape who will slither her way to their demise. Put this animatronic on display or hid her in a corner where she can poke out and really scare her new friends with her glowing eyes and sharpened teeth. Her haunting sayings like; “Please play with me; I’m so lonely. I won’t be anymore now that you’re here. (Giggle) Stay with me; and we can play forever heheheh!” are enough to make anyone drop dead of fear!rnrntrntt2 ft Grave Grabber Doll includes:rnttrntttrnttttDoll AnimatronicrntttrnttttMetal framerntttrnttttSound boxrntttrnttttGear boxrntttrnttttMotorrntttrnttttAdapterrntttrnttttInstruction manualrnttrntrntrnttSpoken phrases:rntrnttSpoken Phrase #1: “Please play with me; I’m so lonely. I won’t

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