2.5 Ft Swinging Swamp Hag Animatronics – Decorations


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rntrnttNothing is more formidable to all the cute children than the Swinging Swamp Hag! Watch as she draws them in with her glowing green eyes and wicked cackle. Her mouth moves realistically up and down showing grimy and pointed rotted teeth; proving that too many candy apples can be poisonous! She throws her head back and with her menacing voice shouts two terrifying sayings at all those delicious trick or treaters.rntrnttrntttExclusively at SpiritrnttrntttIncludes:rntttrnttttrntttttSwamp Hag animatronicrnttttrntttttAdapterrnttttrntttttInstruction manual rntttrnttrnttrntttAnimatedrnttrntttInfrared sensorrnttrntttStep pad compatiblernttrntttAdapter Type: 6V/2A (included)rnttrntttCord length: About 10 feetrnttrntttDimensions: 32.3″H X 26″L X 17″WrnttrntttWeight: 9.9 poun

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