2.5 Ft Compost Corpse Animatronics – Decorations


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rntrnttJust when you thought hitting the ground running would save you; the 2.5′ Compost Corpse jumps in your path! There’s no escaping terrifying situations this Halloween as this disgruntled corpse is amped for a blood bath. Stuffed with leaves he’ll blend into any outdoor scene making him even more frightening to trespassers. You won’t be able to escape his reaching grasp as his hand moves rapidly towards his victims; but the real killer is his bloodied and sharp teeth which will scare all the trick or treater’s!rntrnttrntttExclusively at SpiritrnttrntttIncludes:rntttrnttttrntttttCompost Corpse animatronicrnttttrntttttAdapterrnttttrntttttInstructional manualrntttrnttrnttrntttAnimatedrnttrntttPosablernttrntttSound/motion activatedrnttrntttStep pad compatiblernttrntttAdapter Type: 6V/1A (included)rnttrntttCord Length: About 3 feet

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