19 Inch Reaching Arm Tombstone Animatronics – Decorations


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rntThoroughly creep out your guest when you put the Reaching Arm Tombstone in your graveyard scene! Put this animated tombstone among non-animated props and watch your victims jump in fear! This tombstone features a creepy zombie hand that springs forward as it says; “I’m coming to bring you back with me down to the cold grave.”rnrntrnttIncludes:rnttrntttrnttttReaching arm tombstone animatronicrntttrnttttAdapterrntttrnttttInstruction manualrnttrntrntrnttIndoor/outdoor userntrnttProduct sayings: “I’m coming to bring you back with me down to the cold grave.”rntrnttAnimatedrntrnttSound activatedrntrnttBattery Type: AA (not included)rntrnttAdapter Type: 6V/2A (included)rntrnttCord Length: About 6 feetrntrnttDimensions: 19″H X 32″L X 24″WrntrnttWeight: About 4 poundsrntrnttMaterials: Vinyl; Fabric; Plastic

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