5 Top Costume Trends For Halloween 2015

superherosHalloween is approaching fast! Have you decided what costume you want to wear this year? If you haven’t decided yet what costume you want to wear or if your kids haven’t figured out what costumes they want to wear you should make a decision soon. The costumes that are in high demand will sell out quickly. Even though there are always a few last minute additions to the list of the most popular costume some costumes are always on the list like superhero costumes and princess costumes. Even though culture shifts and what is popular in society changes from year to year some costumes are classics and appeal to a new generation of Trick or Treaters every year.  If you’re having trouble picking a costume check out these five of the top trending Halloween costumes for 2015 and see if one of them gives you some Halloween inspiration:

Superheroes are always popular costumes with both kids and adults. But the overwhelming success of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie means that Avengers Halloween costumes along with other superhero Halloween costumes will be at the top of the trends list for 2015. The most popular superhero characters are almost all from the Avengers like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and of course The Hulk. There is no doubt that these costumes will be hard to get so make sure that you order them at least a few months before Halloween if you want to be sure to get yours. Don’t get stuck trying to find an Avengers Halloween costume at the last minute because there won’t be any left.

Another movie that inspired a lot of people this year was American Sniper. Military Halloween costumes representing the Army, Navy, and Marinesmilitary are the most popular. Little boys love dressing up as their military heroes and they never really grow out of that. Plenty of adult men enjoy dressing up in military Halloween costumes too. And if you want to add a playful twist to a military costume you can dress up in a sexy military Halloween costume. Don’t forget the combat boots! If your husband or boyfriend is dressing up in a military costume you can wear a sexy 40s inspired pin up costume to make a beautiful vintage inspired couples costume.

zombie costumeZombie costumes are more and more popular everyday not just for Halloween but also for zombie walkers, Walking Dead conventions, and other cosplay events. Zombie costumes are also a lot easier to do now thanks to many YouTube tutorial videos that explain how to create awesomely gross and terrifying special effects makeup looks that will make a zombie costume look really terrifying. You don’t need to have a lot of experience to do these techniques. Even an amateur makeup artist can use things like makeup, liquid latex and paper towels to create a really scary zombie look.


Disney animated features have always inspired a lot of great Halloween costumes for both adults and kids who want to dress up like their favorite animated characters. But this year Disney has reinvented some classic tales by putting out live action movies that delighted moviegoers and led to an increase in Disney themed Halloween costumes being popular. Maleficent costumes once again are on the most wanted list and Cinderella costumes from the recent live action Cinderella movie have made the most wanted list too. Little girls and big girls alike can’t wait to dress in Cinderella’s sparkling blue ball gown and iridescent glass slippers. Elsa and Anna costumes from Frozen and Belle costumes from Beauty and the Beast are also very popular this year.

Animal Heads
Animal head masks started to get trendy a few years ago when couples who wanted their engagement photos to stand out started wearing them inhorse headphotos that they would share on social media. Now those animal head masks have become mainstream and they are very popular for Halloween costumes and Halloween themed photo shoots. If you want your Halloween photos on social media to go viral take some photos with an animal head mask on and get in on this trend before it’s gone.